Jul 03

Tapping into New Employees’ Greatest Assets

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After many months of video recording, editing, preparing lecture notes and quizzes, I’m proud to announce that my first Udemy online course Tapping into New Employees’ Greatest Assets is now LIVE!

Have you ever been in an organization where you felt lost despite being an experienced professional with many accomplishments?

Have you ever longed to create a much better learning environment for new employees than you were given and save them all the pain and confusion you went through?

Of course you have! Most of us have experienced these things. What if I were to tell you that I have the blueprint you can use to alleviate all these issues and be totally responsible for all the accolades that come with revolutionizing how your company does Onboarding, Mentoring, and Coaching?

Would that be of interest to you?

This course will reveal to you the business model I recently developed to totally transform the way we help new employees become impactful in my organization.

Each of my 13 strategies includes information about why it should be important to you followed by specific ways to effectively put it into action. I’ve provided you with a full suite of tools to make your life easy, including video lectures, PowerPoint notes, and quizzes to test your understanding of each strategy.


Udemy provides guidelines for approximating course pricing. Using these guidelines and comparing to other courses in the same genre, I came up with $249. However, I get great fulfillment from setting up people for success and I want to provide them with HUGE VALUE which is why I’ve priced this course at $99, an incredible deal considering the countless preparation hours and years of experience that went into creating it.


If that’s not exciting enough, I’ve created a coupon code to thank my loyal blog followers. The first 25 people to click the image above and enroll will get access for only $49! Again, this is limited only to the first 25 students and will expire on July 18, 2015, so act quickly

Thank you again for your faith in the information I love to share. I hope you enjoy participating in this course as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Jun 28

Certified Business Coaching Specialist

JohnARusso_CertifiedBusinessCoachingSpecialistThank you again to the Business Training Institute for another incredible certification program!

Professional certifications are increasingly important in a world where differentiating our skills and experience makes all the difference to potential employers and clients.

I attained by Certified Business Coaching Specialist designation from the Business Training Institute back in April of this year.

I was able to facilitate quite a few business coaching sessions as part of the certification requirements. I was also required to to complete required reading of the following awesome books that I would like to promote:

1. Co-Active Coaching by Laura Whitworth, Karen Kimsey House and Henry Kimsey House. (ISBN: 978-0891-06198-4)

2. Coaching Questions by Tony Stoltzfus. (ISBN: ISBN: 978-0979-41636-1)

3. The Business Coaching Toolkit by Stephen G. Fairley and Bill Zip. (ISBN: 978-047014692-7)

As with my previous certifications, I enjoy sharing the strategic project that I put together as part of the certification requirements, so stay tuned for that in a forthcoming post.

I also plan on offering some super-exciting Business Coaching services very soon

Stay tuned for my 2 upcoming coaching packages, both 1 on 1 and for Groups:

  1. Transforming Effective Contributors into Effective Leaders

  2. Professional Time Mastery

These are certainly 2 areas that I expect to generate huge benefit for many busy professionals.


Once again, shout out to https://www.BusinessTraining.com for providing world class business certifications at very reasonable pricing and to https://www.coachaccountable.com/ for providing extremely powerful tools for managing my Business Coaching clients and sessions.


Tell me about some great professional certifications that you’ve attained recently. I’d love to discuss them with you!

Stay tuned and thanks again for all the comments, feedback, and support!

May 07

Tapping into New Employees’ Greatest Assets: Proper Planning


Have you ever been part of a project where Planning was under-appreciated or removed altogether?

Planning is a vital activity whether you are engaged in a client project or an internal one. Time allocated to internal process improvement projects is often very little because they don’t have obvious revenue generation like client projects do. Let’s explore why Planning should be an indispensable phase during a common internal project – tapping into the greatest assets of new employees.

Why this Should Be Important to you

For better or worse (mostly worse), we have likely all come across project members so excited about generating solutions quickly that they neglect the vital planning activities. They abandon proper planning because they feel the steps are obvious. The obvious commentary here is that something can only be created according to plan if there is in fact a plan. One might be surprised at how often a solid and complete plan does not exist. A few hours of work generating a plan using Microsoft Project or a similar competing tool will usually save many more hours in unclear requirements later in the project.

As the saying goes, timing is everything. Give new employees enough time to go through the Onboarding package properly, without being rushed onto live projects. This can be a difficult discussion with upper management who is looking at the revenue generated by each employee, but it is necessary. Think of a 12 week Onboarding period as an investment. Yes, those are 12 weeks when the new employee is not generating revenue. Waiting a few weeks to make someone billable is a no-brainer to me if the reward is profitable projects that bring huge value to our clients immediately after those few weeks are over. The alternative is letting new employees be confused for a year or more because they did not have a solid foundation.

How to Effectively Deploy this Strategy

  1. Create a plan using Microsoft Project or a similar tool.
  2. Adjust the plan as risks and issues are identified. An example of what this might look like is the following image.

A project plan requires use of a few best practices. Here are some key items to notice about the image above:

  1. Tasks should be categorized into a hierarchy of Tasks and Sub-Tasks so we can track detailed activities and how their completion contributes to the percentage complete of the main task.
  2. It is helpful to include both Baseline Start and Finish dates and Actual Start and Finish dates. This allows us to track how efficient we work and how good our estimation of effort skills are.
  3. Be sure to capture tasks and dependencies that should completed by multiple people working in tandem or by a resource outside your Onboarding group.

Planning is an often under-appreciated activity, but I hope it is now one that you will always take time to complete. It will inevitably save you time, money, and potential issues in the long run. It also has the benefit of creating something tangible that executives and the whole organization can rally around.


Tell me about a time when a well constructed plan served you well during an internal project.


Mar 20

My BizTalk Radio Interview!

BizTalk logo best used for web related and powerpoint presentations


I was recently a guest on the BizTalk Radio Show to discuss my book, “Onboarding – the Right Way”, and the podcast version of my interview is now available!

BizTalk is an AMAZING Resource!

When you check out BizTalk’s website, you will see that their previous guest list is a veritable Who’s Who of the greatest business minds in the world, including one of my personal heroes, Simon Sinek. Sinek has in my opinion produced the greatest TED Talk ever recorded. You should absolutely check it out at THIS LINK . Listening to his discussion provided some of those things that resonate with the core of one’s best self. Along with Peter Block, Simon Sinek has shaped the way I think as a business professional.

My point is that I would greatly appreciate you supporting my interview on BizTalk Radio and purchasing my book from the link provided there. However, above and beyond just supporting me, I want to implore you to take advantage of all the incredible content available from this resource provided by countless other greatly accomplished experts. I want you to take this opportunity to leverage everything that BizTalk Radio provides.


My Journey

I started working on my book, “Onboarding – the Right Way” about a year ago. I went through many iterations as my wife Susan served as my editor helping me to sharpen and focus the content. I’ve worked hard to market this book via Amazon and social media, and I’m so proud to have been included on such a prestigious radio show. One sets goals for oneself, and this marks the accomplishment of one of the highest priority goals I had.

OK, How Do I Get There?

Please click the following link to be routed to my bio and podcast. You can also get there by clicking on either picture in this blog post.


Please be sure to scroll to the bottom of that page to play the interview and see the link to my book on Amazon.




As always, I thank you for all your loyalty and support. Please contact me any time by adding a comment on my blog posts, or through any of the following methods. I look forward to hearing from you!


Twitter: @RussoConsulting


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